About Modal Silk

What is Modal?  

Modal is a bio-based fabric that is made by spinning reconstituted beech tree cellulose. It originates in the form of beech trees, which are chipped into wood pieces that are later turned into pulp. The finely ground pulp is then pushed through a nozzle to extract the cellulose. The cellulose is made into sheets which are soaked and then broken into smaller pieces. The subsequent liquid solution is then put through a spinneret, which is a device with a series of holes that help create fibers. The fibers are soaked to form yarn, which is then spun and dried into yarn rolls which are directly used to create our rugs.

Because modal is derived from beech wood, it is often considered to be a more eco-friendly product compared to petrochemical-based synthetics like polyester. Also, modal fabric utilizes about 10-20 times less water to produce in comparison to cotton.  

Modal is also hypoallergenic and repels both moths and mold.

Modal was originally developed in the 1950s in Japan. Today, most modal yarn is produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG, which owns the trademark for the fabric.  

Why do we believe modal is the best fabric for prayer rugs?

In one word, modal fabric is simply luxurious yet relatively affordable and sustainable. Modal rugs offer unparalleled softness and luster combined with resilience and durability all at a fraction of the price of silk. In all honesty, our modal rugs, with roughly three million knots per square meter, are undoubtedly softer and more comforting to touch than an equivalent silk rug. The difference though is that an Asrar Modal prayer rug costs hundreds of dollars whereas basic silk rugs start in the thousands. 

Most importantly, our rugs are real rugs - not “mats”. It is important to note the difference. Asrar rugs are machine knotted rugs with hand-tied fringes. There is a natural depth to our rugs that combine to provide unparalleled softness with the perfect amount of “padding” in the form of three million knots per square meter. Don’t believe us, just flip the rug upside down and see the beauty of the design for yourself. 

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