A Unique Eid Gift for Ramadan 2023 - The Prayer Rug by Asrār Collection

Every Eid, and throughout Ramadan, we run into the same problem: what should we gift to our loved ones? What is the perfect Eid gift? Where can we find something different, unique, one-of-a-kind?

We scour the internet looking for new ideas, and we end up seeing mostly the same items—either we have already gifted the item before or it doesn’t live up to our expectations of quality.

This was part of the impetus behind the development of Asrar, especially since gift giving is an important aspect of Islam, our religious tradition. The Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: “Exchange gifts (frequently), and you’ll grow to love one another.” (Narrated in Sahih Bukhari). 

Our opening collection, The Prayer Rug, is specifically curated for finding a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved one this Ramadan.

Modal Silk Prayer Rugs - Unprecedented Luxury

What better gift for Eid al-Fitr than a brand new Modal Silk prayer rug, with its unprecedented softness and luster. The modal rug is a perfect gift for those who appreciate modern excellence and traditional beauty. Our modal rugs are designed and made in Turkey using some of the most sophisticated technology and equipment in the world. 

The beautiful modal rugs come in a range of designs and colors. Traditional folks will fall in love with HaqqHimmaSalik, and Hudur. These three designs embody the intricate designs of classic “Qum” Persian prayer rugs. Each showcases a unique representation of the mihrab, filled with intricate floral designs and multi-layered borders. Though, Salik and Hudur offer a beautiful medallion center with some open space to breathe. 

Ihya is one of the more unique rugs we have. It offers a traditional design centered around a timeless motif: the Tree of Life, which represents the eternal life of paradiseThe name of the rug is “Ihya,” which indicates “revival, as trees revive us and our planet by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Ihya also boasts classical Qum borders with intricate floral designs. 

Finally, Dalil and Ishara are two minimalist takes on traditional beauty. They are minimalist in offering one predominant base color with a contrasting mihrab design. Yet the rugs are clearly traditional Islamic prayer rugs meticulously ornamented with floral motifsIshara stands out in particular given its “textured” design. The floral design in the backdrop is of very slightly higher pile length, giving the rug a unique and luxurious feel. 

Handmade 100% Wool Rugs

Those who are more traditional, and those who appreciate a more authentic, textured feel to their prayer rugs, will welcome a one-of-a-kind handmade prayer rug as a gift. Our handmade rugs are personally curated from around the world. Most are 100% wool on wool, though some have a pure wool pile built on a pure cotton base with cotton fringes. 

Each wool rug in our collection is meticulously handmade over the course of weeks or months depending on the size and design. Though we ensure that all our rugs are comfortable to pray on, wool tends to be slightly firmer to the touch than modal or silk. The feel of praying on these rugs is quite remarkable, especially when realizing that the rug is 100% natural construction, and usually, with 100% natural vegetable-based dyes. 

We strive to curate a broad selection of hand-made rugs. Our collection emphasizes distinctive colors and quality construction making our rugs stand out as excellent pieces of art as well as functional prayer pieces.  

Ishq and Hidaya are the smallest rugs we offer. At 2’x3’, these rugs are perfect for travel, small places, or smaller people (even children). These handwoven rugs are Afghan in origin, representing the “Jaldar” style, which is why they have a higher KSPI (knots per square inch). Ishq and Hidaya are timeless designs featuring a timeless, rich, ruby red base color.  

YaqinKashf, and Hikma are also traditional Afghan “Baluch” style rugs. They showcase the traditional “mihrab” design, indicating their use as prayer rugs, and are filled with classical gul (flower) motifs. 

Niyya stands out as an Afghan rug with a multiple pillars and intricate motifs. 

Tajdid is our most precious find. It was tucked away in the back of a trader’s shop in Konya, the city of the great Sufi poet and scholar, Rumi. Tajdid is 100% wool on wool and is colored with 100% natural dyes from vegetable sources. It was made in eastern Turkey. It is meticulously designed and showcases an extraordinary and rare combination of colors. It is also one of the softer wool rugs we have seen. Tajdid is a stunning rug and would make a remarkable gift for your loved one this Eid. 

If you would like to learn more about our rugs or other fine goods collections that we will be releasing in the future, please connect with us here: info@asrarcollection.com. 

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